What’s the Clean The Darn Air campaign in a nutshell?

Clean The Darn Air aims to put a clean-air-and-climate measure on the 2024 ballot in Utah. The main goal of the campaign is---surprise!---to Clean The Darn Air: air pollution in Utah is a problem that threatens our health, our children, and our economy. We're going to target air pollution by investing $100 million a year [...]

How can I get involved?

Sign up for campaign updates  and then scroll through previous updates, which are posted on our blog and contain lots of information about opportunities to get involved! And if you have ideas to share with us please contact us. Thank you! In Spanish / En español: ¿Cómo puedo participar? ¡Suscríbase a las actualizaciones de la campaña [...]

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Where are you in the process (as of Feb 2023)?

Right now: We started collected signatures Feb 17 and that's our #1 focus until November 22: if we get the signatures we need then we'll be on the 2024 ballot, and if we don't then we won't. So: Our mission is clear and we hope you'll join us! What's happened so far: We filed with [...]

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