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Red Butte and beyond

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: Red-Butte-a-palooza: There are four sold out Red Butte concerts this coming week: Shakey Graves and Dr Dog on T Aug 13, Lord Huron on W Aug 14, the B-52s on F Aug 16, and the Steve Miller Band on M Aug 19. Help us gather at these shows by signing up here or [...]

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Events archive

Past events (for record-keeping) June Thursday June 20: Ogden, Th June 20: Ogden Twilight Concern Series SLC, Th June 20: Utah Arts Festival (Library and Washington Squares in downtown SLC) SLC, Th June 20: Salt Lake Bees game starting at 7:05pm. Friday June 21: SLC, F June 21: Utah Arts Festival (Library and Washington Squares in downtown SLC) SLC, [...]

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More from Governor Herbert, and more events

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: Lots of great signature-gathering events: Among other great events, there are Red Butte concerts today (Sunday), Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; a Royals FC soccer game in Sandy on W Aug 7; the Craft Lake City DIY Festival Friday Aug 9 - Sunday Aug 11 at the State Fairgrounds; and Farmers Markets all around [...]

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Gaining speed and getting official tallies

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: Signature totals: As of tomorrow we will have turned in over 5,000 signatures; the hardworking county clerks have 30 days from the turn-in date of each packet to determine how many of the signatures in that packet are valid. We estimate that they've  examined about 1,500 signatures so far and we know [...]

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Gather signatures at Pod Save America on Thursday (and more!)

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: Thursday Thursday Thursday (Pod Save America and more!): Signature-gathering will be a blast tomorrow (Thursday) night: a sold-out show by Seal at Red Butte Outdoor Concerts (join Yoram and Drew at or after 5pm, gates open 6:30pm, finish after the show starts at 7:30pm), plus Obama-loving podcast Pod Save America is on tour at [...]

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College chapters

Part of our effort in Gathering The Darn Signatures is having chapters working on college and university campuses around the state. Read on for more information (listed from north to south, for those with chapter leaders and those without) and please email us at info@DarnAir.org with additions or corrections or if you want to help [...]

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Governor Herbert comments on Clean The Darn Air

Here's a transcript, to the best of our abilities, of relevant parts of Governor Herbert's June 2019 press conference, including questions from Ben Winslow of Fox 13 News (who posted this Twitter meme reaction): Governor Herbert (time stamp 6:00): Air quality, for a lot of reasons, certainly ought to be top of mind for everybody, all [...]

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Signboards and sandwich boards

Our awesome signboards (seen here at KRCL) are a walking advertisement: Dave Carrier says that he was just walking down the street with one when someone ran after him to sign up. They’re a shield: if you’re shy or hesitant to talk to folks on the street, the signboard says it all. (Check out Bob Cieri on [...]

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