At our zoom meeting last week we agreed that we are not going to make the ballot this year, so we are shifting our focus to learning what we can from this year’s experience in preparation for trying again down the road. Next steps will depend on what happens with the state legislature, with the state Supreme Court’s upcoming decision about the anti-gerrymandering lawsuit, and with the state constitutional amendment that is heading for the ballot next year.

As part of our effort to learn from this year we will still be doing some signature-gathering in order to learn about different venues and opportunities; for example we will be doing some door-to-door signature-gathering to see what that is like, and we will be at select events in the weeks and months ahead. if you’re interested in joining us please check out the calendars (north of SLC, south of Provo, SLC to Provo) and let us know.

And if you’re not interested in doing any more signature-gathering but you have packets with signatures in them, please turn them in to the county clerk’s office or contact us for more info so we can make sure they get counted. And if you have other materials (stickers, signboards etc), please return them to us when you are able to.

Please holler with questions or comments, and thanks to everyone who supported the campaign this year and helped us gather 20,000 signatures, with special kudos to folks who have 100+ signatures (Marilyn S and Mike M, joining Brynn M, Di, and JJ), to folks who have 250+ signatures (Casey and Teague, joining Karen D and Joan G), to folks who have 500+ signatures (Jan K, joining Dennis M), to folks who have 1000+ signatures (Lisa R), and to folks who have 2500+ signatures (Dave C and Yoram).

Sorry to not have better news for this year, but we gave it our best shot!