Happy Earth Day

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: We're using Earth Day to re-launch the Clean The Darn Air campaign! Between now and Earth Day 2022 we aim to explore policy options, build support for the campaign, and learn from our previous effort to make the ballot... and then by Earth Day 2023 we aim to be collecting signatures to [...]

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Update March 2021

In brief: We learned a lot in our effort to make the Nov 2020 ballot, but we didn't get enough signatures to qualify, so we are now regrouping with a new target of Nov 2024. With Earth Day coming up on April 22, our plan is to relaunch the campaign by Earth Day 2021; have [...]

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Gearing up to take another swing at the ball

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: Our effort to get on the 2020 ballot fell short, but we're going to try again for 2022, and to see why you only need to look at the effort to force a referendum on the tax reform bill that was passed last month: the backers of the referendum have an incredibly [...]

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Lessons learned and looking ahead

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: Continuing to shift focus to 2022 and/or 2024. We have not been able to get a major donation or other game-changing development, so although we are still gathering some signatures in "experimental mode", we are doing so mostly with an eye on future years because the odds of getting on the 2020 [...]

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What we’ve learned

Here are ten key lessons from our campaign. Email us if you've got more! We've learned the importance of getting a fast start. One of the main constraints on signature gathering is that all signatures have to be submitted no later than 316 days after the date the initiative application was filed. We filed our initiative on [...]

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2022: The path to the ballot

The relevant part of the Utah legislative code is 20A-7 Part 2; here's a PDF of the whole thing. Note that, per 20A-1-201, "regular general elections"---which turn out to be the focal point of statewide ballot measures---are held in even-numbered years. The discussion below centers on the Nov 2022 ballot, but there are comments at [...]

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2020 and beyond

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: Let's start with the bad news: We aimed to get 1,000 signatures a day in October and we fell short of that goal. At this point, getting on the 2020 ballot is either going to require (1) a greater rate of increase in our current volunteer effort or (2) large donations to hire more help [...]

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Last push before Halloween “do or die”

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: Halloween "do or die": We've submitted over 31,000 signatures (!) and the latest info from the state (which has a lag of up to 30 days because of the time it takes to validate signatures) shows that they've validated over 22,000 signatures, but we need to do more in order to hit 1,000 signatures [...]

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