The final Fiscal Estimate was released on Thursday June 20. Because of changes in state law, it looks a bit different than the initial Fiscal Estimate—e.g., it was produced by the Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst instead of the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, and  it contains somewhat different information—but the bottom line is that we’ve cleared up the (fairly minor) problems identified in the initial Fiscal Estimate and are ready to go!

Here’s a spreadsheet—provided to us by the Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst on July 2—with some additional details. For impacts on your particular household, see our calculator tool. Also worth looking at is our analysis of fiscal impacts by income quintiles. The analysis shows that average households in the lowest two income quintiles will come out slightly ahead, with an average household in the lowest income quintile gaining $105 and an average household in the second-lowest income quintiles gaining $67. The middle income quintile has a small cost increase ($133 for an average household), with higher costs for the top two income quintiles ($298 and $506, respectively).