Hello clean-air-and-climate friends:

Signature totals: As of tomorrow we will have turned in over 5,000 signatures; the hardworking county clerks have 30 days from the turn-in date of each packet to determine how many of the signatures in that packet are valid. We estimate that they’ve  examined about 1,500 signatures so far and we know that they’ve counted 1,252 valid signatures. How do we know this? Because the Lt Governor’s office is posting a weekly tally of valid signatures by senate district! (That link has more context, but here’s a direct link to the Lt Governor’s page. See also this infographic.) We will be sharing updates every week, but for now remember that there’s a lag of about 3 weeks between signature turn-in and this official signature count, so we’re doing even better than the count indicates.

250 Club Update: Lots of folks are making progress on joining Bob Cieri in the 250 Club (folks who have gathered 250 signatures), and Dave Carrier and Yoram Bauman have joined Colleen Farmer in the 1,000 Club! Also at 1,000 signatures is  Emissionary Roger B, who worked the Layton liquor store and city park and picked up his $500 check earlier today. (Read more here about the Emissionaries program if you want to be one or sponsor one!)

Join the fun at upcoming signature-gathering events: Unfortunately this Tuesday’s Red Butte concert was cancelled (John Prine had surgery for stents), so instead we’re going to experiment with Tuesday night signature-gathering around FrontRunner stations; email info@DarnAir.org if you want to join the fun! Other highlighted events (see the full list here) include Salt Lake Bees games every day this week (through M Aug 5) and concerts in Ogden on W July 31 and F Aug 2, at the SLC Gallivan Center on Th Aug 1, and in Provo and Daybreak on F Aug 2. Then on Saturday Aug 3 there are three huge events: Ogden Pride from 12-8pm, the SLC Food Truck and Brewery Battle from 4-10pm at the Gateway, and a Real Salt Lake (men’s soccer) game in Sandy at 8pm. We need lots of volunteers or Emissionaries at all those (and at the four Red Butte concerts next week: Sun Aug 4, M Aug 5, W Aug 7, and F Aug 9), so email info@DarnAir.org to sign up and make your way toward the 250 Club!

In the news: I was interviewed on KPCW 91.7FM This Green Earth interview on Th July 23 and on KRCL 90.9FM RadioACTive interview on Th July 26 (start at the 31:00 mark).

Tales from the Trails: I was having a blast signature gathering at the Salt Lake Royals (women’s soccer) game when who comes over to sign but the Royals mascot, Cleo Lion! I’m pretty sure her signature isn’t going to be valid because the county clerks aren’t allowed to have a sense of humor, but… awesome! Another Tale comes from Emissionary Roger B, who reports one fellow who said “I think global warming is a bunch of crap, but we need to clean the air”… and then signed!