Join us W evening on Zoom

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: My beloved 92-year-old godmother Betty passed away yesterday after a good long life, so below I’m just re-sending the email blast from 2 weeks ago with minor modifications. Read on and hug your loved ones!

Please join us on Zoom (link available via email) from 7-7:40pm MT every other Wednesday night: W April 27, W May 11, etc. All are welcome! We’ll talk about the Four P’s—Policy, Plan, Purchasing Power, and People—as we prepare to qualify for the Nov 2024 ballot by collecting signatures from February to November, 2023. (Mark your calendars, and follow the previous link if you’re new to the campaign and want to get caught up!)

Policy: We’ve got an in-person meeting (with a Zoom option) scheduled for the State Capitol on W April 27 at 12pm at to discuss policy details. Holler if you’re interested in joining in person or on Zoom, or we can catch you up at our regular Zoom call that evening!

Purchasing Power boost from $5k matching challenge: Even a super-grassroots effort like ours needs to print petition papers and purchase pens and posterboards, so we’re working hard to meet the $5k matching challenge from a donor who supports “small teams doing creative and strategic activism” on issues ranging from internet privacy to climate action. You can help us meet this matching challenge by making an online donation or by sending a check payable to Clean The Darn Air, PO Box 522468, SLC UT 84152. (Note that donations to political campaigns won’t get you a tax deduction, but they will get you our eternal gratitude!)

Plan: We are continuing to refine our signature-gathering plan for 2023. You can help by sending us an email flagging any recurring events (or events planned for 2023) in your area that might draw lots of foot traffic. (Examples include concerts, festivals, food truck rallies, and sporting events, such as the NBA All-Star Weekend coming to SLC Feb 17-19, 2023.)

People: Please forward this email to friends and colleagues with a note encouraging them to join our email listand inviting them to join you in making a donation!

Postscript: Becky Edwards makes the ballot! Climate and air quality champion Becky Edwards, who served in the state House from 2008-2018, is challenging Mike Lee for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. Thanks to everyone (from Clean The Darn Air and elsewhere) who helped her get the 28,000 signatures she needed: she’s qualified for the primary ballot! To join Becky’s campaign sign up here.

Yoram and the Clean The Darn Air team