Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: Please join us on Zoom (link available via email) from 7-7:40pm MT every other Wednesday night: W Sept 7, W Sept 21, etc. All are welcome! We’ll talk about the Four P’s—Policy, Plan, Purchasing Power, and People—as we prepare to qualify for the Nov 2024 ballot by collecting signatures from F Feb 17 to W Nov 22, 2023. (Mark your calendars, and follow the previous link if you’re new to the campaign and want to get caught up!)

In the news: We want this campaign to be fun and thought-provoking, and both of those elements can be found in our latest op-ed in the Tribune: “Could Pacific Ocean pipeline to the Great Salt Lake also tame the rising seas?” Check it out and please share widely and encourage folks to sign up for this email list at DarnAir.org/join-us.

People: We made some great connections at the University of Utah Get Involved Fair and at the Utah State Day on the Quad and we’re excited to head to Westminster College on Th Sept 8 and to Orem for UVU Club Rush on W/Th Sept 14/15. Holler if you know about similar events at other schools or if you have feedback on these half-page handouts for UVU, and Utah Tech / SUU. Also note that internships with the campaign are available for spring 2023 through the Hinckley Institute at the U of U, the Institute of Government and Politics at USU, and maybe at other schools as well; please help spread the word and email us with questions!

Policy: We are excited to be in contact again with Rep. Joel Briscoe (D-SLC) and look forward to sharing more news on this front in the weeks ahead!

Plan: Here are drafts of short summary documents (2 or 3 pages each) for 11 areas covering 29 districts: the Logan area (2 districts), the Ogden area (3 districts), the Davis County area (2 districts), the east Salt Lake County area (6 districts), the west Salt Lake County area (5+ districts), the Tooele area (1+ district), the Park City area (1+ district), the north Utah County area (4+ districts), the south Utah county area (2+ districts), the SW Utah area (3 districts), and the SE Utah area (1- district). Please bring your comments and questions on Wednesday night!