Here’s a $7,500 budget for printed materials, including JPGs (and links to PDFs) of the latest draft of printed materials. Click on each image for a larger size JPG.


Bumper sticker (scales to 9.5″ by 2.5″): $500 for 1,000 ($0.50 each). PDF.

[Update: In hindsight these weren’t really all that necessary or useful. People like the other stickers much better.]

Button-type sticker (scales to 3″ x 3.5″): $500 for 3,000 ($0.17 each). PDF.

[Update: In hindsight these were great; we’ve ordered a whole bunch more.]

Signboard (14 x 22, here’s an example of what they look like): $1250 for 500 ($2.50 each). PDF.

[Update: These are great, but we needed about twice as many so we ordered another batch. Also as an update, we’ve ordered some in Spanish ($500 for 100, $5 each). Spanish PDF.]


Yard sign (24 x 18): $1500 for 250 ($6 each). PDF.

[Update: In hindsight these weren’t really all that necessary or useful.]

Petition packets (see example here): $2500 for 1,000 packets

The Lt Governor’s office will provide us with a sample petition packet that contains a cover sheet, the legal language of the measure, signature pages (up to 50 per packet, each with space for 7 signatures), and a Declarer’s Statement (to be signed by the person gathering signatures). We don’t know how many pages the legal language will be, but the total packet will probably be somewhere between 40 and 70 pages. The quote we have is for 1,000 packets, each with 70 pages, with spiral binding.

Cardboard pads (8.5 x 11 “clipboards”): $350 for 1,000

These will be attached (with a rubber band) to the petition packets to provide a hard(er) surface for signing. Should have doubled these up, so either buy 2,000 or just start by putting together half the packets and do more later because the cardboard pads can be saved and re-used after a packet is turned in. 

Banners (perhaps like the yard sign or the bumper sticker): $400 for 4

The quote we have is for a banner 3 x 6 feet.

Miscellaneous (pens, rubber bands, etc.): $500

Total budget for the above: $7,500