Hello clean-air-and-climate friends:

As you may have seen from previous blog posts, we’re exploring policy options and more as we look towards filing a new clean-air-and-climate ballot measure at the end of this year and collecting signatures next year to get on the Nov 2022 ballot. Feedback is always welcome, but FYI it’s a bit slow-going right now because lots of folks are focused on the legislative session. (And BTW if you want to stay in the loop on the legislative session then try the Action Utah bill tracker and/or Climate Utah.)

Talks in Provo Feb 5 and Orem Feb 29: I’ll be at BYU on W Feb 5, doing a serious talk (“State-level action on climate and clean air: C’mon Utah!”) at noon in 238 HRCB and a comedy talk (“The world’s first and only stand-up economist”) at 4pm in 238 HRCB. All are welcome, and ditto for for Timpanogas Chautauqua I’ll be part of on the evening of Saturday Feb 29.