Please join us on Zoom (link available via email) from 7-7:40pm MT every other Wednesday night: W Nov 3, W Nov 17, etc. All are welcome! We’ll talk about policy development and outreach efforts as we prepare to qualify for the Nov 2024 ballot by collecting signatures from about Feb 27 – Nov 27, 2023. (Mark your calendars, and follow the previous link if you’re new to the campaign and want to get caught up!)

Door-knocking: When things really get cold and dark we’ll turn our attention to the legislative session and our legal language, but for now we’re still doing a bit more door-knocking of houses with solar panels around the state: Jan continues to make friends in Cottonwood Heights, and I took time during a Grand Canyon trip to stop in Kanab and Hurricane. Lots more to do, so holler if you want to join the fun and remember that the more networking and chapter-building we can do now the easier it will be to hit our signature targets in 2023!

In the news: Check out the Deseret News op-ed “Utah lawmakers should focus on boosting clean energy”  by Melarie Wheat and Chrsti Leman (both members of MWEG, Mormon Women for Ethical Government). Also, while I was door-knocking in Hurricane I chatted with an electric engineer who mentioned that local utilities may have to upgrade their grids before there could be widespread use of EVs and heat pumps… and then a few days later there was an article in the NYT highlighting exactly this issue. And Jan Kennington notes that Sunday’s Salt Lake Tribune had an excellent op-ed on climate issues (“Grandpa, what did you do to fight climate change”) as well as a letter to the editor by her husband John (“Republicans and conservatives share the blame for legislative logjam”).