Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: Instead of a Zoom call this coming Wednesday, May 17, we’re going to have a Working Wednesday in SLC: everyone in the area is encouraged to join the signature-gathering efforts listed below! There are lots of other great opportunities coming up, too—in SLC and around the state, including the Ogden Marathon May 19-20—so please help us qualify for the Nov 2024 ballot by collecting 135,000 signatures by W Nov 22, 2023!

Signature-gathering opportunities: Check out the Guide to Gathering Signatures and this 2-pager with instructions for signature gatherers, and then click on the links below for event calendars; experienced volunteers have added their names and contact info in red to events they’re going to attend, so reach out to them if you want to join them! (Or try to add a Comment on the calendar, or email us at info@DarnAir.org.)  No experience necessary, we will provide training and materials, email us at info@DarnAir.org with questions!

Inaugural members of the 100 Club: We’ve passed 5,000 valid signatures total, so thanks to everyone who’s helped, and extra kudos to folks who have 100+ signatures (JJ, Karen D, Brynn M, and Jan K) and to folks who have 250+ signatures (Dennis M, Lisa R, Dave C, and Yoram). There are over a dozen others who are on the board and within reach of the 100 Club… and there’s room for you too!

In the news: The Deseret News reports on polls showing that voters want to eliminate the state sales tax on groceries but are less keen on a constitutional amendment that could reduce education funding. (Fox13 reports on ongoing negotiations between the legislature and the education community about what that constitutional amendment might look like.) Also on Fox13 is an effort by Utah Clean Energy and SLC to make any Olympic Winter Games “climate-friendly”.