Hello clean-air-and-climate friends:

Let’s start with the bad news: We aimed to get 1,000 signatures a day in October and we fell short of that goal. At this point, getting on the 2020 ballot is either going to require (1) a greater rate of increase in our current volunteer effort or (2) large donations to hire more help through a commercial signature-gathering firm, and we don’t have either of those things right now… but the news isn’t all bad.

One piece of good news is that we’ve established proof of concept. Our grassroots campaign started from scratch, has never had any paid staff, and learned a lot of important lessons the hard way… and we’ve still gotten 1/4 of the way there by the end of October. Ultimately that’s because our volunteers and Utah’s voters care about cleaning the darn air. That makes us optimistic about achieving our goal of making Utah a national leader on clean air and fighting climate change. If we don’t make that happen in 2020 then we will start working on a campaign for 2022.

Another piece of good news is that 2020 is still possible. We continue to find a receptive audience when we’re out gathering signatures, our signature-gathering rate continues to increase (we gathered 6,500 signatures in August, 9,800 signatures in September, and 11,400 signatures in October), and we are actively pursuing opportunities to get  a million-dollar donation or otherwise get the resources we need to go from the approximately 30,000 valid signatures we have now to the approximately 120,000 valid signatures we need by mid-February in order to make the ballot. So don’t throw your blank signature packets away, and if you’ve got packets with signatures on them then please email us at info@DarnAir.org so we can get them turned in on time! And in case we do get a large donation we want to know how many folks out there would be willing to gather signatures between now and February for $30 an hour… so email us and let us know!

The path forward: We recognize that we have not hit the targets that we set for the campaign so far, so we are shifting to an “experimental mode” where our ongoing efforts have one eye on what we can learn for 2022. Hopefully that makes sense. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments or with your insights in terms of lessons learned and suggestions for the future, thank you to everyone who has contributed time or money to the campaign, and stay tuned for more!