Hello clean-air-and-climate friends:

Do or die by Halloween: The good news is that we’ve gathered over 22,000 signatures and that voters all around the state are eager to sign our petition! The bad news is that time is running out: In order to get 116,000 signatures by February 2020 we need to significantly step up our efforts. To continue beyond October, we need to hit an average of 1000 signatures per day in October… and we can do that with 50 people each gathering 20 signatures a day. That’s 140 signatures a week (one packet a week) and with your help we can do it! But we need your help: 20 signatures a day means about an hour a day, maybe less. So: regardless of where you are in the state we need your help!

Connecting with you individually: We will be reaching out via email, text, or phone to everyone who has a packet to follow up and make sure you have what you need to collect signatures and help reach our signature target. Working together, we can do this!

Upcoming events: In addition to a few remaining farmers markets there are upcoming events for signature-gathering at universities, at Vivint Arena, at the Eccles Theater, etc. And we also have permission to gather at all the liquor stores outside of SLC. (There are enough events inside of SLC that we should focus on those for now.) Email info@DarnAir.org for details, and thank you for helping out!