20,000 signatures and counting!

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: We've submitted 20,000 signatures! Thanks to everyone for helping us get this far, and congratulations to Callie Northrup, Joel Ban, and Ronan Carrier for making the 250 Club of folks who've gathered 250+ signatures! FYI the latest state tally (which is delayed by up to 30 days because of the time it [...]

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250 Club update, plus gather at Climate Strike, St George Pride, and last 3 Red Butte concerts

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: 250 Club update: Congrats to Brad Kropp, to Kelsey Carston, and to Sarah Thacker and her daughter Addie for being the newest members of the 250 Club (folks who have collected 250+ signatures); they join Anil Seth, Bob Cieri, Justin Saxton, Madi O'Neal, Charles Ashurst, and Kelly Kerr! Some of those folks are [...]

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Mitt Romney, the path to the ballot, and great events Friday and beyond

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: Mitt Romney comments on carbon taxes: Last month Senator Romney talked about a carbon tax policy that sounded an awful lot like our Clean The Darn Air proposal. Check out the transcript and video here, and remember---as with Governor Herbert's statement in June that he's "not opposed to looking at a carbon [...]

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Mitt Romney comments on climate change

Here's a video of Mitt Romney's Aug 19 talk at the Sutherland Institute in SLC (here's two news stories about it) and here's a transcript to the best of our abilities of the parts relevant to climate change: Time stamp 19:45 I’m one of the few Republicans who, while I don’t subscribe to the Green New [...]

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Start of football season, end of baseball season, plus American Idol and Elton John

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: Whatever you think of football, games are a great opportunity for gathering signatures! The season starts tonight (Thursday) with BYU hosting the U of U in Provo; join the group by showing up at 6pm at the intersection near the SW corner of the stadium. (If you need materials or training we're [...]

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Approaching take-off on college campuses and beyond

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: College chapters and events: This coming week is the start of the school year at UVU in Orem, Dixie State in St George, and SLCC and the U of U in Salt Lake City. Encourage students you know to connect up with our campaign's college chapter leaders and get involved, or get [...]

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Red Butte and beyond

Hello clean-air-and-climate friends: Red-Butte-a-palooza: There are four sold out Red Butte concerts this coming week: Shakey Graves and Dr Dog on T Aug 13, Lord Huron on W Aug 14, the B-52s on F Aug 16, and the Steve Miller Band on M Aug 19. Help us gather at these shows by signing up here or [...]

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Events archive

2019 events (for record-keeping) June Thursday June 20: Ogden, Th June 20: Ogden Twilight Concern Series SLC, Th June 20: Utah Arts Festival (Library and Washington Squares in downtown SLC) SLC, Th June 20: Salt Lake Bees game starting at 7:05pm. Friday June 21: SLC, F June 21: Utah Arts Festival (Library and Washington Squares in downtown SLC) SLC, [...]

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