Hello clean-air-and-climate friends:

In the news: Our advisory board member Don Albrecht (head of the Western Rural Development Center affiliated with USU) had a great op-ed in Sunday’s Tribune: “Urban and rural Utah will both benefit if we Clean The Darn Air”. And on Monday KUER’s Nicole Nixon had a good story with a great headline: “Signature Gathering Begins For Carbon Tax Proposal That Could Raise Millions For Clean Air”.

Great signature gathering opportunities this week: If you haven’t done any signature gathering yet or don’t have materials then just email us at info@DarnAir.org and we’ll get you an experienced partner and/or all the materials you need! This is a great week if you’re just starting out because there are great events coming up: Red Butte Garden evening concerts on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings (email Bob@DarnAir.org for details); Ogden Twilight Concert Series on Friday (email tim@DarnAir.org for details); farmers markets around the state (see the events list or this more complete list of markets, then email your chapter leader and/or  info@DarnAir.org); and the Salt Lake Bees for a seven-day homestand starting on Monday July 15. We’re also working on signature-gathering at state liquor stores around the state, so stay tuned for more on that or email bob@DarnAir.org for details.

Social media: Please follow @CleanTheDarnAir on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and if you’re a savvy young person who wants to help with our social media presence then please email bob@DarnAir.org.

Emissionaries: More next week about progress with our emissionaries program in setting up chapter at colleges and universities, but for now: If you want to be an emissionary (and pledge to gather 1000 vaild signatures for $500) please just email info@DarnAir.org, and if you want to be an emissionary sponsor all you have to do is donate $500. Smaller donations will still get you a yard sign or some of our fabulous stickers, and donations of any size are appreciated!

Tales from the Trails: This photo (from my time gathering at the Salt Lake Bees game last week) pretty much speaks for itself:

I’ll add three comments. First, this was not the only smoker who was signed that day! Second, it’s fair to say that not everybody going to the ballpark is a fan of clean air: a handful of folks claimed they liked polluted air, and one fellow asked me if I was being paid by George Soros. (I wish!) But I ignored those folks and moved on, because lots of folks did want to sign. Hence comment #3, which is that signature gathering at Bees games is really fun. So far I’ve had the best luck waiting at the intersection across from the ballpark, and then talking with folks when the light is red: “Utah voters, sign here for clean air. You can do this while you’re waiting for the light to change!” It’s the ideal signature-gathering opportunity: lots of people standing around waiting: for the light to change, for the parade or concert to start, etc. Come join us this week and see for yourself!