Hello clean-air-and-climate friends:

Halloween “do or die”: Last week we posted that in order to continue beyond October we needed to ramp up our efforts and hit 1000 signatures a day by the end of the month. We’re making progress toward that target (almost 26,000 signatures submitted to date, an increase of almost 4,000 from last week) but we need to do more… so please help! There are lots of great signature-gathering events coming up, so show up or sign up by emailing info@DarnAir.org. As always, we can get you all the training and materials you need! (And if you want more details on signature totals, here’s the latest info from the state; please note that this data has a lag of about 30 dates because of the time it takes to validate signatures.)

Help keep track of the 30-day deadline for signature packets: According to the state’s rules, each signature must be dated and each packet must be submitted within 30 days of the first signature (e.g., Nov 4 if the first signature date is October 5). We’re doing our best to stay on top of it all, but you can help by keeping an eye on the first signature date in your packet(s) and emailing us if the 30-day window is approach. Thank you!

250 Club update: Congrats to Hillary CarrierJoey Cauceglia and Graham Goodman for joining the 250 Club (250+ signatures), to Bob Cieri for joining the 1000 Club, to Colleen Farmer for joining the 2000 Club, to Yoram Bauman for joining the 4000 Club, and to Dave Carrier for being the first member of the 5000 Club!

Tales from the Trails: Colleen reports: “I collected yesterday at BYU (near a bus stop that is on public property).  I started collecting at noon when lots of people were headed to lunch.  I collected 30 signatures in 20 minutes, my peak rate anywhere so far.  Traffic slowed down after about 12:30, but I still got 90 signatures in 2 hours.  Also, I had a woman volunteer to help…many hands makes light work.  I think BYU is a great place to gather… Today, Dave and I just collected for 2 hours at Salt Lake Community College [and got 150 signatures total]. Many have addresses that are from the western SL county districts, which is great.  It is a beautiful campus and a really pleasant place to gather. Dave and I gathered at a heavy metal concert the other night at the Union Event Center, and it was awesome (lots of guys in kilts + great tattoos and humor).”

It’s do or die by Halloween… so let’s do it!