Hello clean-air-and-climate friends:

Getting to scale: Our volunteers and Emissionaries have gathered and turned in over 2,500 signatures total, we’re our way to 5,000 for the month, and we’re having a great time, often getting 50+ signatures per hour! We need to get to scale in order to qualify for the ballot, but this kind of campaign always builds exponentially, like a snowballand it’s totally achievable to go from 5,000 signatures a month to the 5,000 signatures a week we need to get the 116,000 signatures required to get on the 2020 ballot. You can help us get to scale in three ways:

1. Volunteer and join the 250 Club: Get your first 100 signatures this week by emailing info@DarnAir.org to help out at upcoming events, including sold-out Red Butte outdoor concerts on T July 23 and F July 26; Pioneer Day events around the state on T night July 23 and W July 24; soccer games (RSL and Royals) on W July 24 and Saturday July 27; baseball games in Ogden, Orem, and/or SLC on a host of days; Monday night summer concerts in American Fork; liquor stores around the state; and more! Check the events calendar and contact us (info@DarnAir.org) to get involved. (We also have a draft sign-up spreadsheet here.) If you’re new to signature gathering, we will pair you up with an experienced partner and get you all the materials you need! And we’re getting more and more experienced partners every day: Dave Carrier has joined Bob Cieri in the 250 Club—folks who have collected over 250 signatures—and Colleen Farmer has (incredible!) become the inaugural member of the 1,000 Club. We’ll be interviewing Colleen to get her secrets, but I know three of them: you need a bit of courage, a commitment to clean air and climate action, and some time… so if you’ve got those then contact us now (info@DarnAir.org) to get involved!

2. College chapters: We are setting up college chapters around the state to hit the ground running during the first weeks of classes in mid/late August and early September. We have chapters in the works at USU, U of U, UVU, and BYU and need help connecting to student activists at Weber State, Salt Lake Community College, Westminster, SUU, and Dixie State! Contact us (info@DarnAir.org) if you have connections!

3. Emissionaries: One of our first Emissionaries, Roger B., has been working the Layton liquor store and already has over 500 signatures! Other Emissionaries are also out working hard, having fun, and doing good, so if you or someone you know wants to get $500 for 1000 signatures please read here about Emissionaries and then email us at info@DarnAir.org… and if you want to sponsor an Emissionary then just donate $500. (Thanks to my brother Yuval Bauman for joining the list of Emissionary Sponsors, and thanks to everyone who’s contributed any amount!)

Fundraiser in Provo on Th Aug 1. Please email us at info@DarnAir.org for more information on joining or if you’d like to host a comedy-clean-air-and-climate fundraiser in your area!

In the news: I didn’t write the (odd) headline for this July 17 op-ed in the Deseret News, but I did write the op-ed itself: “We can make the desert bloom again by cleaning the air”.